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If it is between 3:00am to 5:00am Eastern Time, we are doing a database update. Updates are scheduled Monday through Friday. Please try again later.

If you searched for an individual credit union by using a charter number, you may be having difficulties due to one of the following:

A) This credit union may not be insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. NCUA's website database only provides information regarding credit unions regulated by NCUA, federally insured state-chartered credit unions and corporate credit unions. Our current policy is to limit individual natural person credit union information on our website to federally insured natural person credit unions and all corporate credit unions. This policy is in place to avoid any confusion about whether a natural person credit union is federally insured. Non-federally insured natural person credit union information provided to NCUA is available in our Freedom of Information Act files. Please contact the appropriate state regulator for additional information regarding non-federally insured credit unions. Current corporate credit union information is available in the Corporate Credit Union 5310 Report section of our website.

B) This credit union's charter number has changed due to a charter conversion and is now reporting under a different charter number. You can try to search on the credit union name if the name has not changed. If the name also has changed you will need to contact the NCUA Office of Examination and Insurance to get the new name and/or charter number.

C) This credit union may have merged with another credit union and its financial data is now included with the new parent credit union. You will need to contact the NCUA Office of Examination and Insurance to get the name and/or charter number of the new parent credit union.